You can count on A3 Tutors, LLC to be your best tutoring partner because we work one on one to help students get the help they need regardless of subject, level, or location. Our tutors partner with a student, tailoring a tutoring plan that addresses the student’s specific needs and interests. Our tutors are uniquely qualified to provide the hands-on educational support you need because we understand and work in the education system. A3 Tutors has the educational foundation needed to achieve positive educational outcomes for you. Our tutors have Arizona State Fingerprint Clearance Cards and everyone has completed background checks. With this high level of expertise, you should expect to pay $50 – $70/hour, but that is not the case with our company. Our rates are as high as $45/hour. This is a very affordable price for hiring an experienced professional for your tutoring needs.

Our prices are listed below:

$45.00/Hour/1 Hour

(No discount)

$39.99/Hour/10 Hours

(11% discount)

$38/Hour/20 hours

(15% discount)

$36/Hour/30 Hours

(20% discount)

$34/Hour/50 Hours

(25% discount)

 *You can use these hours in any subjects.*

After you create a free Student/Tutee account, you will view different tutors in your subject that you want to work with. Once you pick your best tutor, you will then select “Book This Tutor”. At this time you will be prompted to select an hourly package. This is when you will submit your payment.

Please be aware that there are no substitutions once you have selected and purchase an hourly package. You will have to use it up before going to another package. You can purchase multiple packages and they will be used in the order of purchase.

                            Tutor Satisfaction Guarantee

Guaranteed Satisfaction BadgeA3 Tutors, LLC is dedicated to connecting you with the best tutors that can deliver an outstanding learning experience. Because of that, we provide a comprehensive satisfaction guarantee. If you are not satisfied with your selected tutor after the initial session, call us and we find a tutor who might be a better fit. We will assist you however we can, but please, first communicate with your selected tutor if a problem does come up. If it cannot be resolved, A3 Tutors, LLC will be happy to assist you to resolve the problem and find a satisfactory solution.

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