Best Benefits Of Tutoring Through The Internet

It used to be that tutoring was seen as a solution for an imperfection, only needed if a student had an issue. More recently, as state-funded schools struggle with swelling class sizes and shrinking budgets, tutoring – especially virtual online tutor – is becoming a clear answer to help supplement students’ classroom learning, whether they’re struggling or already doing well in their studies.

At A3 Tutors, LLC, we’re excited to see this growth in understanding of and knowledge of online tutoring options. There are many ways that online tutoring can help students benefit, including the six below.


1. One-on-One Attention

Many current students experience the effects of a deficiency of attention from their teachers, who are overburdened with increasing numbers of students and fewer assets. David Bell, Ed.D. (c.a.), founder and CEO of A3 Tutors stated “changes have exacerbated this issue as government spending plans have shifted meaning fewer educators and less accessible resources – making it hard for even the best teachers to succeed. An online tutor can give students one-on-one attention in the security of their homes. This eliminates possible distractions or other impediments like transportation and scheduling restrictions, and means students can maintain privacy”.


2. Relationships

Due to the one-on-one learning situation, students can often more easily bond with a tutor, even an online one, than with a teacher. Working with a tutor allows the tutor to focus on one student at a time and remove the constraints of being in an authority or judging position. This can allow tutors to relate more effectively to a student’s point of view than an educator who needs to keep up a more distanced and segregated relationship.


3. Self Esteem

Since a teacher has to share lessons with an entire class of students and can’t tailor it to specific students’ needs, there’s a risk that in most lessons some students will understand it while others do not. This can cause students to feel “stupid” or not on par with their classmates. By introducing ideas or lessons in a way that makes it easier for a student to understand, a great tutor can help bolster students’ self-esteem and learning capacity.


4. Availability

Bell said, “A tutor, particularly an online tutor, can be accessible as often as a student needs, and can be accessible whenever. Educators are not required to work with students outside of school hours, yet tutors are by and large accessible at whatever point a student needs them. And with an online tutor, students avoid the potential burden of leaving their homes.”


5. Selection

One benefit of online tutoring that goes beyond face-to-face tutoring is tutor selection. Using an online tutor gives students access to tutors with whatever background or availability needed. This makes it easier to discover a tutor who is a decent counterpart for the student’s specific needs.


6. Cost

Online tutoring offers a wide selection of tutors accessible from anywhere, meaning tutees are more likely to find one that’s the best fit for them and in their price range without worrying about location. Plus, online tutoring removes the need to pay for extras like gas or transportation, reducing the cost even further, helping to be a good steward of the environment.


7. Technology

Many students find that they prefer online tutoring. Online sessions can be recorded for future reference and good tutors will be able to use technology for illustrative purposes through photographs, activities, illustrations, and outlines. These technological learning tools are not always available for face-to-face learning.

These are only a few of the reasons that an online tutor can be a great benefit for any student. A3 Tutors offer a range of online tutoring options, which allow for one-on-one attention and the ability to find a tutor customized to your student’s needs. We look forward to talking to you more about how we can help you reach your learning goals – feel free to contact us at or call us at +1 (877) 411-8630 to learn more.

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