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“Individuals generally charge according to their level of education and experience. Expect to pay $12 to $20 per hour for a high school student, and up to $85 per hour for a certified teacher with top-notch experience. A teacher trained and qualified to work with children with special needs will likely charge more. Rates will vary quite a bit depending on your location, subject, and frequency of the sessions” (, 2016)

“Unlike a learning center, private tutors will spend all of their time one-on-one with your child. The sessions will typically take place in your own home. Private tutors tend to specialize in only a few subjects, so if you’re looking for in-home tutoring on a wider range of subjects, you may end up needing more than one tutor.

With a tremendous number of listing agencies to connect you with a private tutor, finding one that’s right for your child is easier than ever. Expect the cost to be around $30 to $40 per hour, but as high as $85, depending on the tutor’s experience level and subject. Private tutors generally do not charge additional upfront fees or require contracts” (Angies List, 2016)


Tutoring Costs at A3 Tutors, LLC

You can count on A3 Tutors, LLC to be your best tutoring partner because we work one on one to help students get the help they need regardless of subject, level, or location. Our tutors partner with a student, tailoring a tutoring plan that addresses the student’s specific needs and interests. Our tutors are uniquely qualified to provide the hands-on educational support you need because we understand and work in the education system.

A3 Tutors has the educational foundation needed to achieve positive educational outcomes for you. Our tutors have Arizona State Fingerprint Clearance Cards and everyone has completed background checks. With this high level of expertise, you should expect to pay $50 – $70/hour, but that is not the case with our company. Our tutoring costs are $45.00/hour at most. This is a very affordable price for hiring an experienced professional for your tutoring needs.

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