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For more than a decade, A3 Tutors, LLC founder, David R. Bell, has taught in the Arizona public school system and Central Arizona College. He has tutored thousands of students in the Phoenix area. Built on this experience, all tutors use teaching strategies proven successful in the classroom. The approach is simple: we combine intuitive technology with on-demand access to give students instant individual attention from expert tutors. A3 Tutors, LLC online tutoring is affordable, convenient, and grounded in years of effective pedagogy.

Our Technology

Our online whiteboard technology is at the core of our online tutoring approach. Think of it as a virtual chalkboard where students and tutors work out problems and diagrams in real time, creating an instantaneous connection that’s essential to learning. There’s no waiting and it’s very convenient for you. The virtual classroom works with any computer, tablet, or smartphone, so access is simple for students anywhere. Our students only communicate with their tutors, so there are no chat rooms and no way for a student’s personal information to leave our secure system.

Don’t Settle for Less – Use the Best

You don’t have to settle for less because you can hire a licensed teacher or future educator. Supporting them will help pay the bills. It’s a win-win for you and the teacher/student teacher who will be tutoring you, so please don’t settle for less, go with the best – our highly qualified tutors.

Our Professional Team


A3 Tutors was created to help students and give licensed teachers the ability to make extra cash. Teachers in Arizona are paid 49th of 50th in the nation. They aren’t getting rich from teaching, so when you partner with A3 Tutors, you will be hiring a licensed teacher or a student in a teacher education program. This is what defines and sets A3 Tutors, LLC apart from the rest of the tutoring services that are out there. Our tutors are uniquely qualified to provide your tutoring because we already work in the education system. A3 Tutors have the educational foundation needed to achieve positive educational outcomes for you. Tutors work one on one to help students get the help they need regardless of subject, level, or location. Our tutors partner with you to develop a tutoring plan that addresses the student’s specific needs and interests.


Each of our A3 Tutors, LLC tutors are individually selected by our own team, which has thousands of hours of online and on-the-ground teaching and tutoring experience. Tutor candidates go through a multi-round interview process during which they must demonstrate high-level subject expertise and effective pedagogy.

Dynamic Online Sessions

A3 Tutors, LLC uses a “whiteboard interface” (an online chalkboard) that allows tutors and students to effortlessly post problems, draw diagrams, and talk to each other in real time. This intuitive, collaborative exchange is central to our pedagogical approach.

A Thoughtful Approach to Learning

We believe students learn best when they see concepts explained in different ways and learn to apply those concepts to their assignments. Our pedagogy is designed to bridge gaps in student learning and give students the tools necessary for academic success. Our tutors have the knowledge to work with a range of users – from those maintaining “A” grades to those returning to school after long breaks.

Customized Partnerships and Integration

As a small company, one of our strengths is tailoring our services to meet the unique needs of our clients. Tutors make every effort to understand the curriculum and grading policies for each learner (tutee) to develop a process tailored to meet your educational needs. Once a partnership is in place, we organize initial information sessions with each learner (tutee) and promote clear avenues of learning.

In-Home Tutoring

A3 Tutors, LLC provides in-home and face-to-face tutoring for those that want it. Typically younger-age children will need this type of tutoring, but anyone can request it. Rest assured that all of our tutors have complete background checks and an Arizona Fingerprint Clearance Card (required for Arizona educators). We will provide comfort and confidence in your own home for each individual student needing help with difficult academic subjects. With convenient hours and knowledgeable tutors, A3 Tutors, LLC helps students make the most of their tutoring time and improve in school.


David R. Bell PortraitDavid R. Bell 
CEO and Founder

A3 Tutors, LLC was founded in 2017 by David R. Bell. He wanted to start a tutoring company that would help teachers and education students within Arizona. David’s passion for tutoring comes out of his own background. He is uniquely qualified to lead this company after receiving his bachelor’s degree from the University Of Northwestern (B.A.), his Master’s degree in education (M.Ed.), and is currently working on his Doctoral degree (Ed.D.) at Grand Canyon University. David is also an adjunct professor at Central Arizona College.




Chief Technology Officer B.S. (Computer Science)


B.S., M.S., D.Min., Ph.D


Chief Strategy Officer B.A., M.Ed.


Social Media Coordinator B.FA (Fine Arts)


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Chief Information Officer B.S. (Business Management)


Chief Financial Officer BSM, MBA, Ed.D. (Doctoral Candidate)


Director of Sales and Marketing B.S. (Engineering)

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